White House Correspondence Dinner After Party

Basil shares his design insight with the Washington Post in planning the Vanity Fair-Bloomberg party at French Ambassador Araud’s residence:

This weekend’s Vanity Fair-Bloomberg party is the sixth to be held at the property — during the renovation, the event took place at the Italian ambassador’s residence — and repeat visitors will be checking out the new decor. But much of the fine furniture will be moved out, carefully, to make room for and protect it from the 400 to 500 guests, according to Basil Walter, an architect and design consultant to Vanity Fair. “Each year the reputation of the party grows, and we end up taking out more furniture,” Walter says. “We do things differently to create a look and a feel. We often illuminate the trees and decorate the lawn and pool area so people can go outside.

Walter says planning the party is a blast. “That house has real presence. It’s a difficult thing to take a historical building and mix contemporary art and modern gestures and still have it all work. But this house has great bones, and that’s what makes it easy to decorate and make festive.

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