Ecclissi Jewelry

A maker of sleek, contemporary jewelry wanted a combination office and showroom in a midtown loft. Open, moveable partitions provide flexible workspace. A minimal, high contrast palette of white and brown heightens the playful interaction of line and form. The two primary materials, gypsum and walnut, are employed against expectation. The walls curve and bend. Wood drapes over the tops of partitions. Walnut accents reveal the sinuous flow of form throughout the space. The oak floor anchors the movement.

The interior design expands the counterpoint of line and form. Rounded light fixtures contrast with rectangular work surfaces and partitions. Furnishings contain both straight and curving lines. The solid white plane of the Conference Table is tethered to the room by walnut restraints and was specially designed by BWArchitects for the client.

The creative deployment of simple yet elegant materials quickly achieves a high level of design within the standard commercial limitations of budget and time.