London, UK

Photographer: Justin M Weiner

Named after the infamous 19th Century courtesan, with its famous location and namesake, Cora Pearl serves complex comfort food and handcrafted cocktails in a historic Covent Garden townhouse.

The quintessential Parisian establishment, Brasserie Lipp, was an inspiration for this 19th century inspired restaurant and bar, in the heart of London’s Theater District. Its lush French-boudoir contemporary feeling keeps the ethos of the notorious name, having no shyness about color in its interiors, creating something that has sparkle and glint,

making people delighted and inspired. High-ceiling and a parquet-floored upstairs dining room are mirrored in reverse in the bar downstairs. The intimate hallmarks of Cora Pearl are glossy, velvety, with emerald deep-green tiles, leather banquettes, antique mirror panels, with Aubrey Beardsley photo prints, and a bold caged iron staircase adding to the overall vintage ambiance of opulence.